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Bartók Course

For children


Bartók: For children piano cycle is important pieces of the piano pedagogy and it shows the simple form of the composer’s musical style. He published first time in this series a large number of newly discovered authentic Hungarian folk music treasure. The Hungarian and Slovak folk songs of peasant communities has been focused on and it has become an inexhaustible source of composers of the XX. century. Bartók composed the I. and II. booklet between 1908 and 1909 with Hungarian folk songs and the III. and IV. booklet between 1909 and 1911 with Slovak folk songs.

Bartók lived in the USA from 1940 and during the II. World War he was separated from European music trade. In 1943 Bartók published the revised edition from the series with Boosey and Hawkes publisher. He improved the pieces in many places without having to have fundamentally revised.

This series is easier than adults repertoire, but there are among more complex and requiring superior technical preparedness items. These pieces are playful and showy. But the sheet music is not able to reproduce the characteristics of folk diction and expression, because it’s only a kind of frame. The player need to feel the freedom of music, the flexible rhythm and the speech-like music to play them. It’s often difficult for (mainly foreign) students to understand the world of Bartók’s music. The player have to be relation with the hungarian folk songs and it’s necessary to understand them to play authentically. (It have to avoid the mechanical performance.)


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