Take classical piano lessons from professional pianist ex. via Skype!

Take online piano lessons in your home!

I'm teaching classical piano music via Skype (or with video response) mainly for advanced pianist. If you'd like to understand hungarian classical music (ex. Bartók, Liszt) with a professional artist, than this is the easiest way to learn it. The most easiest way to study classical piano from a professional pianist and teacher at home. Just take a webcam call me via Skype or send a video to me!

Please visit my YouTube page and watch my playing, or check my students' videos, because my work is the best advertisement. I prepare you for the exam of ABRSM (or any equivalent) at any level. I'm teaching on my grand piano or Yamaha Digital Piano with Logitech HD Pro Webcam or with just a smartphone.

Video exchange

Record your piano playing, send it to me, and I'll reply with a video response for you!

Use a smartphone, webcam or camcorder to make your recording about your piano playing. Take care of the camera setup, because it have to see your hands, too. Than upload this (private or public) video to YouTube or send it by Google Drive, DropBox, etc. Than I'll send a reply in a few minutes video about your playing like a piano lesson.

Please read the Terms of service befor you take a lesson. 


I have classical piano teaching experience at any level (from beginner to professional). My favourites are the hungarian composers (ex. Bartók, Liszt), but I'm playing and teaching Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, Haydn, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, etc.
Sometimes I play jazz and soundtracks, too. So, if you'd like to study not only classical music, than I can help for you. 

Premium support

It is possible additional support for a week about the curriculum. So, if you stuck in the play within two lessons, than you'll get quick help to solve the problems by e-mail or via Skype.


Our foundation is support one student per semester some regions who get scholarship to study with Prof. Suki. Please write an introductory email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.