Teaching method
Study with the world famous Kodály or Rajkó music teaching method!

I'm teaching in Vienna Konservatorium Budapest University of Music from 2010 and in Rajkó-Talentum School of Dance and Music from 2005. I have a lot of students at any level from beginner to professional. One of the major highlight of my teacher career was when I've got a Bárczy István Award of Teachers from Budapest City in 2012.

When I'm teaching my students, I use some special methods to develop separateli some ability like hearing, music reading, memorizing and technique. I alloy the world famous hungarian Kodály Method, the special Rajkó Method, and other well knonw teaching method in my work.

Recently I'm doing a research about the Rajkó method during my PhD studies. For more information please visit the homepage of the Rajkó method!