András Suki is a pianist and piano professor in Budapest (Hungary).

Prof. András Suki

I was born in 1981 in Budapest (Hungary) in a family of musicians. The dream of my childhood was to become a pianist. So, one of the best day of my life was when I played the wonderful Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.2 on my diploma concert in 2005 in Franz Liszt Academy of Music (Budapest). I gave concerts already not only in Hungary, but Austria, Germany, France, India and Japan, too.

I live in Budapest (Hungary) and now I'm teaching in Rajkó-Talentum Music School and Egressy Béni Music Middle School. Since 2010 I'm piano assistant Professor in Vienna Konservatorium Budapest Music University and since 2017 I'm teaching piano in Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, too. So, I have experience with any age of students from basic level to university level.

In 2012 I received a Bárczy István Teacher Award from capital of Hungary (Budapest).

In 2012 I started PhD studies in University of Pécs and I research about the Hungarian music teaching Rajkó method.

"Glance at the gipsy music" (2008) is the title of my published book about the Hungarian Gipsies' music. It explore an old world, what is slowly totally die out.

Musical traditions: My professor was Kálmán Dráfi in the illustrious Franz Liszt Academy of Music (Budapest).